I offer consultation and supervision for licensed clinicians who want to build and enhance their skills in both trauma-informed and integrative psychotherapies.

Trauma therapists experience repeated exposure, which may activate counter-transference in response to the information you are receiving from your client. We can bring awareness to how subtle judgments, fears, feelings of helplessness, desires to fix, or to subtly distance from your clients' traumas or addictions may be affecting you, and the therapeutic relationship. 

Our work together can help you feel more grounded and confident, becoming more attuned with yourself and your clients.


As an EMDRIA-approved consultant, the consultation hours that EMDR-trained therapists receive with me post-training count towards your certification in EMDR. In order to be certified, licensed therapists who complete an EMDRIA-approved training must receive twenty hours of consultation from an EMDRIA-approved consultant. The hours can include ten hours of group and ten of individual consultation, or twenty hours of individual consultation.


Whether you want to learn more about integrative and trauma-informed therapies experientially, or feel overwhelmed and need to process your own reactions to working with traumatic events, I work with therapists who work with trauma. 

If you are a clinician struggling with your own addictions, safe and confidential help is also available.